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A Blue Mountain Real Estate Pioneer?

Posted by Sherry Rioux on November 7, 2007

A real estate pioneer really is a visionary charting new territories.  Previously, I wrote a post about green building and there is a very interesting example to watch right here in South Georgian Bay.

Robert Safrata purchased a farm in the Thornbury area that has been in his family for over 30 years. He has decided to develop the site as a sustainable development and has named the undertaking as The Escargot Farm.  His website  lists the intent of the project as follows:
to be a demonstration of best-practice sustainable development strategies
-serve as a test bed for the property owner, and to explore the green residential market
– to be a net positive contributor to the sustainability of the local community, and to explore the design and financial mechanisms by which a development company might operate in a net-positive manner
– to generate a roughly market-comparable financial return such that the ideas and strategies can be scalable and repeatable

Well I say, hats off to you Mr. Safrata!  It takes this type of pioneering vision to effect change in the world.  Already, planners from across the country are coming to learn about his vision and I suspect whatever he builds in the end will not only make a positive contribution to the community and environment but, will prove financially viable and repeatable.  If so, this project may have to be renamed from “Escargot” farm to “Rabbit” farm as his ideas are replicated again and again.

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