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The Ridge Estates

Posted by Sherry Rioux on July 9, 2007

While I wouldn’t  dare paint any group of people with one brush, I do have to say that over 18 years, I’ve collected more not-so-nice stories about developers and builders than nice ones:  poorly planned, cookie-cutter subdivisions, developments that change hands so many times that any original vision is lost, poor quality construction, disappearing builders and, well… you get the picture.

But every nculham-house.jpgow and then, someone comes along that really captures my attention as outstanding and recently, that is Russell Allan.  Russell doesn’t look like most of the developers I’ve met.  He’s entirely comfortable in faded jeans, a sweatshirt and, his hair springs from his head in every which way.  He has intelligent eyes.  He listens intently.  He appears to be without judgment and, he can inspire with very few words.

Locals may know Russell as the land developer who dismantled the old Culham house on Collingwood’s main street brick by brick to save it from another developer’s wrecking ball.  He rebuilt and restored this piece of heritage on the site of his own new development called, The Ridge Estates  in the Town of the Blue Mountains.  Located on the side of the Niagara Escarpment overlooking Georgian Bay, I suspect this project will become one of the finest is in our rapidly expanding area.  You see, Russell believes in creating communities rather than developments.  He seems to care about the environment as well as heritage.  He understands responsible growth.  His track record speaks for itself.

The development will feature less than 50 home sites starting at $250,000.00 and climbing to over half a million dollars.  In a few years, that will look like a bargain.

No, I’m not his Realtor®.  Just a fan.

2 thoughts on “The Ridge Estates

  • Wai Ning Fong
    on August 25, 2012

    Hi I was wondering if Mr Allan would help me develop a piece of land near Collingwood. If so he can contact me at the address I gave you.

  • Marg
    on August 25, 2012

    I have no idea if he’ll see this post or not so you may wish to track him down directly with your enquiry. Good luck with your project.

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