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Moving to Canada from the U.K.?

Posted by Sherry Rioux on July 15, 2007

In the last few years, we’ve had a surprising number of people relocating from the U.K. into our area and I’m wondering if I should be running a few ads in something like the London Times or Yorkshire Post?  Most of my clients who have moved over this way, or plan to, tell me that they feel it is getting much more difficult to get ahead or to make ends meet back in the U.K.  They love our countryside, the spirit of Canadians and of course, our comparatively much lower prices for many things including real estate. 

That’s one of the things that I love about my job.  It’s a never ending journey of learning and of meeting new and interesting people.  When Brits are impressed by something for example, they say, “That’s brilliant.”  Don’t you just love it?  Why, it’s brilliant!  I’ve learned that the systems for buying and selling real estate in the U.K. are very different from the systems in Canada.  For example, no deal is a firm sale, guaranteed to close right up until the date of closing itself.  That’s amazing to me and I wonder how people manage when a sale falls through and they are waiting to move into a new home.  The process of helping new immigrants find their way through our system and orient to their new communities has been a special privilege I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy over these past few years.  In addition, many of my “U.K. clients” have become special friends and each one is hardworking, positive, entrepreneurial and a contributing members to their new community.  Brilliant.  They really are.

Now, I’d love to hear from some of my UK clients – c’mon, share your advice please.

2 thoughts on “Moving to Canada from the U.K.?

  • Pennie
    on July 23, 2007

    I could be wrong but I think we were one of Marg’s first UK buyers – if not the first! We’ve had our property 5 years now and all I can say is, DO IT! In 2002, many of our friends were looking in Norfolk, the South of France, Spain, Italy or even the States and they all thought we were mad to go so far and into such a cold, snow covered place. How wrong could they be …. On the very first trip my daughter [who never burns in the sun] burnt, I nearly expired in the heat and the rest of the family just loved it. Then came the cold and snow – it’s just so wonderful, everything sparkles and instead of dark, dank days – there’s bright, crispy, sunny ones! We have never regretted our decision. As Marg has taken to saying, “it’s brilliant”. We have made real friends share great times with them. We try hard to involve in the community – just love Taste of the Town and Elvis, Halloween and the Living Christmas Windows – and try to arrange our trips to co-incide. Ah, those trips – did we ever think we would visit as often as we do? No way – in fact we visit Collingwood more often than some friends here in the UK who have a 12hr trip to get to their house in France!
    Down sides? Of course there are – the cost of beds for a start. Still can’t get to grips with how much they are, but hey, we’ve got them now! But the biggest of all is something that we just have to accept – car hire. It is so very expensive but without an official status, there is no way that you can get insurance. Unless that is someone out there knows something we don’t and if that’s the case, please share.

  • Marg
    on July 23, 2007

    Ah Pennie, thank-you as always for your insight. It’s funny the things you notice that I forget or more so, the things you appreciate that we sometimes take forgranted. You and all of your family are part of our Town now and we all love you!

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