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Ru rd-e 2buy a hws or, Are You Ready To Buy A House?

Posted by Sherry Rioux on April 9, 2008

When I started in the real estate business in Collingwood about 19 years ago, we didn’t use fax machines.  We didn’t have colour printers, computers used DOS programs, we used carbon paper and typewriters… my oh my, how times have changed.  I’ll bet you know exactly what I mean.

I have this fear that some day I won’t be smarter than my kids.  Actually, maybe that has happened already.  They use social networking sites, iphones, ipods and   igetitbutmymomdoesnthaha gadgets with ease.  When my son contacts me from college, it’s not by phone or email anymore but rather, he texts me.  I know what “SD$” means now.Â

The new generation of real estate buyers and sellers communicates in different ways than in the past.  For example, advertising in print media used to be the norm however, today, advertising on the internet generates far more enquiries.  Today, when I list a property for sale, sellers have the option of getting feedback via the Homefeedback program or by phone.  Buyers no longer ask for the old real estate MLS® books since they search online at sites like www.mls.ca

When I start working with a new buyer or seller today, I always ask if they prefer to communicate by landline, cell, email or text.  While email is still the most common response, texting is definitely increasingly in popularity.  So, this old dog is still learning new tricks.  Every day.  CUL8R.

How do you communicate?  Do you text?

When it’s time to buy or sell real estate in the Collingwood, Blue Mountain or Georgian Triangle area, contact Marg, an experienced and competent Broker who’s ready whenever you are!

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