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Pet Policies in Collingwood and Blue Mountain Condos

Posted by Sherry Rioux on November 21, 2017

Searching for a pet friendly condo in the Collingwood – Blue Mountain area? Read on.

A condo in Collingwood was once found to have over 50 pets in residence.  While that was obviously an extraordinary situation, many potential condo owners ask me about the rules for allowing pets in condos in our area.

We’ve been collecting data from various developments over time to find the answers and they range from developments that have no policies or restrictions in place to other ones that are very specific including the maximum number and even weight or various types of pets.  In almost all cases, a condo corporation will have an over-arching statement in the rules that may say something like this:

Pets are allowed; provided no pet that is deemed by the board, in their absolute discretion, to be a nuisance shall be kept by an owner in any unit or in any other part of the property. Any owner who keeps a pet on the property or any part thereof shall within two weeks of receipt of a written notice from the board or the manager requesting the removal of such pet, permanently remove such pet from the property. All animals must be leashed in the company of their owners, while on any part of the common elements and owners are responsible for all damages occasioned by their pet. No animal whether attended or unattended shall be tied on a lease in such a manner as to be allowed to run on the common elements.”

Here are a few examples of varying restrictions in local developments:

Rupert’s Landing – 1 pet, no weight restriction

Dockside: There are general rules governing owners with Pets but not restriction on size/number

Heritage Corners Ph 1: No pet that is deemed by the board, in its absolute discretion, to be a nuisance shall be kept by an owner in any unit.  Otherwise, no restrictions noted

Chateau Ridge – No restriction on number or size of animals

Admiral’s Gate:  No animal, livestock or fowl of any kind other than two (2) general household domestic pets, being cats, dogs, small caged birds or a fish aquarium shall be kept or allowed in any Unit at any time.

When buying a condo, I also make sure that my clients get a more complete list and, that they have an opportunity to ensure they are aware of the rules as they might pertain to existing or future pets BEFORE they buy.  Often the decision as to where they locate, may be dictated by their pets.


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