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The Future of Collingwood’s Hospital

Posted by Sherry Rioux on April 7, 2016

We have a pretty good hospital in Collingwood. It’s called the Collingwood General and Marine Hospital and it’s name gives you some idea that it has a long history in the town. Like many other facilities in the Province, it is too small, tired and ready to burst at the seams but nonetheless, it’s well equipped with state of the art diagnostics, caring staff and a wide range of services.Sewell presentationThe board has started the process of looking toward the future of the hospital including the need for a new and larger facility.  Where should it go?  What would be in the best interest of the wider region it serves?

John Sewell is a former Mayor of Toronto and is a part-time resident in the Collingwood area.  He will be speaking in Collingwood on April 10th in regard to plans for a new hospital in the Collingwood area.  Does it make sense to locate new hospitals on the edge of town or is it better to keep them within the downtown and in built areas?  This promises to be a lively discussion and if you plan a move to the area or live here already, it would be great to attend.

This is a FREE event to be held at the Simcoe Street Theatre in downtown Collingwood.

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