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Top 6 Local Tax Rates: A Comparison

Posted by Sherry Rioux on August 25, 2017

It’s that time again:  our local municipalities have set their 2017 tax rates.

Municipal Property Taxes are made up of three elements:

  1. Education taxes: This rate is set by the Province of Ontario, and collected by your municipality. The monies collected are remitted to your district school board.
  2. County taxes:  This rate is based on the annual budget and tax levy set by County Council.  County Council is made up of the Mayors and Deputy Mayors of the member municipalities.  In Simcoe County, there are 16 member municipalities, including:  Collingwood, Wasaga Beach and Clearview.  In Grey County, there are 9 member municipalities, including:  The Blue Mountains, Municipality of Meaford, and Municipality of Grey Highlands.  Each county provides a number of services to its member municipalities such as waste collection, ambulance service and social services.
  3. Municipal taxes: The tax rate for your municipal services is set by Council’s adoption of the annual budget and relate to the services provided by the municipality, such as roads, recreation, special events and by-law enforcement.

How does your municipality measure up to other communities, and, how much has the tax rate increased or decreased over last year (2016)?  You’ll note that Collingwood and Wasaga Beach have slight decreases in their tax rates for 2017.

Please note that Collingwood expresses their tax rate as a percentage.  smaller tax rate jpeg

To calculate your estimated property taxes for 2017, multiply your MPAC tax assessment by the tax rate the municipality has set.   For example for a $500,000 assessment in Collingwood, the calculation would be $500,000 x 1.2306600% = $6,153.30, whereas in Clearview, the calculation would be $500,000 x .01132526 = $5662.63.   These are examples and estimates only.  Information has been obtained from each municipality’s website.  

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