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What to Expect From Your Movers

Posted by Sherry Rioux on June 22, 2016
Couple with house key

Couple with house key

Whether you’ve decided to sell your home in Collingwood and move to The Blue Mountains, or if you’ve invested in a beautiful condo as your vacation oasis, there’s no doubt that you’re excited about moving into your new home! But perhaps not as excited to pack, move and clean. Hiring a mover can take the stress and hard work away, leaving you time to kick up your feet and relax – But what do movers actually do and how does it work, when you hire a moving company to take care of everything, come moving day?

Every moving company might offer different services at a variety of prices but in general moving companies can help you:

• Pack your household items

• Supply you with boxes and packing materials

• Move all of your packed boxes into their vehicles and over to your new home for you as well as unload all of your packed boxes for you

• Clean your home after you’ve packed everything up so that it’s nice and tidy for the new owners

• Make stops along the way between your previous house and your new home to deliver items or to pick up items as needed

• Unpack all of your boxes for you to help complete the move as per your requests Whether you need a little assistance or want someone to take care of the entire move for you from start to finish, a professional moving company should be helpful every step of the way.

Be sure to do your research before hiring a moving company to prevent any disappointment, and asking for references is never a bad idea either. If you’ve never worked with a moving company before you might find the checklist below helpful in making sure your moving company of choice is the right fit for you and your family.

• Are the employees packing and moving your items fully trained?

• Will the employees be wearing uniforms during the entire process?

• Will they have proper moving pads and safety equipment to make sure your items arrive safely without anyone getting injured?

• If an injury was to occur are the movers fully trained in terms of how to react and to assist the injured person?

• Are the moving company and its employees fully insured and bonded?

• What is the process if anything is missing after the move has been completed?

• Will the movers be able to accommodate any moving rules and regulations within your community if you are moving into an apartment building, complex, condominium or retirement community?

• Will you be given an itinerary and planned route of travel before moving day?

• Are the moving company drivers fully licensed and insured?



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