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Staging Your Home For Sale

Posted by Sherry Rioux on June 14, 2008


When it is time to sell, you need to start thinking of your home as a theater. You will be putting on a performance, much like staging a play. The scenery must be right, the lighting perfect, the audience comfortable.  Buyers need to become absorbed into the story; they need to be able to imagine themselves living happily in your home.

Today, I got a newsletter from Pillar To Post with some handy tricks to consider:

Staging is more about subtraction than addition. A room stuffed full of furniture will looked smaller, crowded, and difficult to move around in. Ideally, only the basic furniture should remain in order to highlight the size of each room.

Get rid of clutter! Pack up your everyday items on table and dresser surfaces, knickknacks, magazines, electronics, etc. You want buyers to focus on your home, not on your “stuff”.

Remove personal items from view. While of course you love displaying your family’s photos and cherished mementos, they are a distraction for potential buyers. A buyer wants to be able to see themselves in the home and not feel as though they’re in someone else’s space.

Take everything off the kitchen counters and display a few cookbooks and a beautiful glass bowl of lemons instead. A bouquet of flowers – real or silk – on the dining table is a nice touch.

In bathrooms, get all of the clutter off the countertops and sink area. A few fluffy towels and attractive soaps can provide that “spa” feeling with minimal cost.

Be sure walls and flooring are clean and maintained. Paint any rooms where the walls are in bad shape as well as any that have strong, “polarizing” colors. A potential buyer might find your red dining room and the purple in your teen’s bedroom a real turnoff.

Have the exterior painted if its condition warrants improvement. As with interior paint, neutral colors work best.

A few large potted houseplants can soften a room and make it feel friendly and fresh.

Don’t forget the curb appeal of landscaping. Trim any overgrown bushes that may be blocking windows or walkways and remove any weeds. A few dollars worth of bright flowering plants can be charming when planted by a walkway, doorway, and mailbox.

Recently, I wrote an article for mycollingwood.ca about the experiences I’ve had as a REALTOR® with home staging.  I know a fabulous woman who works magic in every home that she prepares for sale.  Words are good but pictures are better.  Have a look at these before and after shot

Yes, the house sold in just days.  Do you think it would have without staging?

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