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Tips When Selling Your Home in Winter (and right now is a VERY good time)

Posted by Sherry Rioux on February 23, 2016

Small houseFirst things first – it is indeed a good time to sell a home. The local Collingwood-Blue Mountain and area real estate market is HOT, HOT, HOT and there is very little competition on the market. Come spring or summer, there will likely be more homes on the market competing for a buyers attention so why wait? Really, why wait?

People often say they prefer to sell in the summer because the gardens look so nice. Well I can tell you that buyers are not basing their decision on gardens if they are out buying right now and, everything else they are looking at right now also has the gardens covered. Having said that, there are a few things you should do when selling your home in the winter.

First, make sure the walkways and driveway and neatly and thoroughly shovelled. That includes porches, stoops and if there is a sidewalk in front of your home, give it an extra clean too.

Make sure you keep at least your front windows as clean as you can.

It gets dark earlier and on some days, it’s just dull and gray outside. Show your home it the best light by turning them all on for a showing. Yes, ALL on including the under cabinet and microwave lights if you have them. At night when it is dark, people often drive past so keep those curtains open and interior as well as exterior lights on in the evenings to show how welcoming your home really is.

If you have some summer pictures from the gardens, pool or patio, make a little photo album and leave it out for showings. Pictures with people in them are great.

Make sure your home feels cozy but not cluttered. Shoes, boots, coats, hats and mitts should be tucked away for showings. Extra blankets should be folded up or put over the back of the couch or chair. You want to show the space – not your personal belongings. If you have a fireplace, having it on with some soft jazz playing is very welcoming.

Keep the heat on. Walking into a really cold house is not welcoming at all.

Leave a large mat by the door so buyers and their agents don’t tromp snow inside. It’s nice to have a large enough area mat to hold 3 or 4 people and, a place to put footwear as it is removed.

Having your home on the market can be stressful at times so, why not go out and treat yourself to a nice, warm cup of tea or coffee while your home is being shown.

When you need a trusted real estate advisor in the Collingwood area, call Marg. It’s YOUR move.

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