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How to balance a relationship and a career in real estate

Posted by Sherry Rioux on November 14, 2016

Sherry Rioux was featured in October’s Real Estate Monthly in an article titled “How to balance a relationship and a career in real estate”.

dream-home-1074x483rem-logosherryWorking in the real estate industry is hard on a relationship. The odd hours, unreliable financial income and constantly ringing phone can put a strain on even the healthiest marriages. How do you keep a relationship intact when you work in real estate?

Sherry Rioux, a broker with Clairwood Real Estate Corporation in Collingwood, Ont., strives to keep her 30-year marriage strong “I try to keep my husband involved in my work. He is friends with the other agents in my office and their spouses, so he understands how the business works. This has helped him to understand the demands and deadlines that we come up against. We also try to get two to three nights per week where we can watch some of our favourite TV shows or movies, or go out to dinner, even if it is just a quick meal in between appointments.”

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