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Small Town Life IS Better

Posted by Sherry Rioux on September 15, 2008

The dynamics of living in a small town  are very different than living in a city.  Ask any one of the thousands of people who have moved to Collingwood and area in the last several years and you’ll hear the same thing.

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE tells me how friendly and helpful people are here.  That’s really true.  They stop to let you out of a parking space or to help you jaywalk across the main street.  People will tell you to “go ahead” in a line-up if you appear to be in a hurry and they aren’t.  They’ll turn your wallet, complete with it’s contents into the police station if you lose it.  Shopkeepers will go out of their way to help you find what you need even if it means they get it from a competitor for you and don’t make a penny.
And, everybody seems to know everybody…

One of the most amusing things of late has been the degrees of separation between a local and our idol, Drew Wright.  “I worked with Drew.”  “I went to school with Drew.”  Drew’s Dad works at my school.”  “I’ve been at parties with Drew.”  “My sisters husbands niece went out with Drew.”  You get the picture.  But here’s my favourite of all:  “My son was out walking his dog a few years ago and the dog pooped on Drew’s lawn.  Drew gave my son a bag.  Too bad he threw it away!”

Speaking of Drew, the Idols are stopping by Collingwood in December during their cross-country tour. The 1300 tickets for the scheduled show at the Eddie Bush arena sold out in an hour so a second show was added.  That’s hometown support for you.

Living in a town like any of those in the Georgian Triangle is rewarding and you quickly build a sense of community and a feeling of belonging.  I could hardly imagine that in a big city.

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