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What Happens When The Internet Goes Down?

Posted by Sherry Rioux on August 21, 2007

I work in a home based office and this morning as always, I booted up my computer to start my work day.  Lo and behold, the internet was not working.  Having gone through this about a month ago, I calmly just rebooted thinking it would solve the problem but no.  I felt my heart start to race a little and my body temperature climb a little more.  What to do?  I headed to the “mechanical room” in the basement and looked at the blinking boxes.  Now I have to tell you, I don’t know the difference between a modem and a router or a splitter and a filter.  So, I unplugged everything, waited 30 seconds, came upstairs and rebooted again.  Nada.  Not a bleep or a blink.

I suddenly realized that I was now incapacitated as a Realtor®.  I had an offer to finish but the program resides online.  I had two people waiting for me to call them with details about a listed property but, the MLS ® system is online.  I couldn’t log onto the Sympatico website and my techno-wizard, Chris, is on holidays this week.  No email, no offers, no listings and nobody to whine to either!  I started to shake and it was way too early for a glass of wine.  Do others have the same reaction?

So, I called my website designer who coached me by phone through a few tests and he determined that I had no choice but to call the folks at Sympatico. NOOOO! I have to tell you, they have reduced me to tears of frustration in the past but I sucked up my courage and dialed 310-Surf.  A helpful gentleman had me run up and down the stairs between the blinking box things and my computer about a dozen times trying different things.  Aside from getting a good day’s work-out, we determined that the problem was a faulty splitter.  Then he tried to sell me a wireless modem even though I told him 5 times I don’t have wireless in my home.  He still thought I should buy it anyway and seemed rather angry that I didn’t agree. After a quick run to buy a new $4.83 splitter, I’m back in business and the career crisis has been averted.

Today was a clear lesson of how strongly my business is intrinsically connected to, well, being connected.  Seems I’m not the only one.

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