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The View from Blue August 2016

Posted by Sherry Rioux on August 22, 2016
I recently read an online article that confirmed what we have all been talking about. The GREAT LAKES WATER LEVELS ARE RISING!
“All the Great Lakes have well above average water levels.  Lake Michigan/Huron (one lake for lake level purposes) is up a whopping 8 in. in the last month.  The level is 11 in. higher than last April and it’s now 15 in. higher than the April average.  While that’s a high level, it’s still 18 in. below the highest April level, which was back in 1986.  Lake Superior is unchanged in the last month and just 2 in. higher than one year ago.  Superior is 8 in. above the April average level.  Lake Erie is up 9 in. in the last month and up 16 in. from the level of April 2015.  Erie is 14 in. above the April average level.  Lake Ontario is up 7 in. in the last month, up a whopping 22 in. in the last year and is now 8 in. above the century average for April.  Lake St. Clair is up 10 in. in the last month, up 13 in. year-to-year and 18 in. higher than the April average.  All of the rivers that connect the Great Lakes have above average flow and that trend should continue into the summer.”
If you combine the high water levels, with the weak Canadian dollar, perhaps these are a few of the reasons why our area has been a hotbed of activity. Like the water levels, demand for properties is up, yet supply remains low. We remain in a very HOT seller’s market right now and it looks like this will continue well into the fall.
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