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Hey Home Seller: We Know About The Flood You Had

Posted by Sherry Rioux on February 14, 2013

floodA couple of weeks ago I had a sneak preview of a new tool in the home buying arsenal that I think is going to be a game changer:  HomeVerified.

HomeVerified is a private company that is aggregating information about a home and neighbourhood’s insurance claims history, school reports, history if ever a grow-op and more.  Bob Aaron has written a detailed column in the Toronto Star  that explains it well.

After two decades in the business, I know there are certain neighbourhoods in the Georgian Triangle where flooding is more common than others.  I also have some insight from parents into school performance and area demographics.  To see all this information in ready detail on a report is fantastic for home buyers!  This provides an opportunity for buyers to be more through in their due diligence and decision making.  You can view a sample report by clicking here.

I predict this will quickly become as common as a home inspection and buyers should include the obtaining of and being satisfied with a HomeVerified report as part of their conditions in any offer.  Sellers, remember to do the right thing and disclose because Big Brother really is watching more and more every day.

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