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When Is The Best Time Of Year To Buy or Sell Real Estate?

Posted by Sherry Rioux on March 13, 2008

If you are thinking of buying real estate, you might be wondering when is the best time to buy and, if you are thinking of selling, you might be asking yourself, When should I put my house on the market? If you ask ten average people on the street, I’d almost bet that at least eight of them will say the answer is spring.  But how can one season be BOTH the best time to buy and the best time to sell?

As a buyer, there are many things to consider:

When is the selection of available properties to view the greatest so that you’ll have the most choice?
Is it better to see the grounds without snow so you know what is lurking or, is it better to view a house with snow on the roof to get an idea of potential problems with heating or ice damming?
What time of year do you want to move?
Are there seasonal price trends?

If you are a seller, then you might be considering things like:

When will I have the least amount of competing inventory?
What time of year does my home show best?  For example, a home with a pool is much easier to sell in the dog days of summer
When do I want to move or, need to move?
Are there seasonal price trends?


The answers are in some cases dictated by personal circumstances however, as far as the market goes in the Georgian Triangle area, fluctuations are not really dramatic enough one way or another to make a huge difference.  As you can see on this chart, inventory levels do climb throughout the months peaking in May.  This means sellers have more competition however, there are also more buyers in the marketplace for certain types of inventory.  A condo up at Blue is more likely to attract interest during the ski season while a house in town is more likely to do so in the spring.  Sales are highest from May to August over-all but again, there are variations based on location and type of property being sold.

In the end, I think each person needs to follow their own needs.  If there is flexibility in your plans, talk to your REALTOR® for some solid advice and a detailed review of your specific market niche in which you wish to buy or sell.  What’s your opinion on this?
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