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It’s Easy to Be Green: Have an eco-friendly fall

Posted by Sherry Rioux on October 13, 2015

This Fall,  Plan to Take Advantage of Fallen Leaves:
Leave your rake inside the garage as the fall leaves start to accumulate on your lawn. Try going over the leaves with a mulching lawnmower, instead.  The mulched and shredded leaves will decompose, then will act as a weed controller and natural fertilizer.  Less bags of leaves will go off to the landfill site, as well.  Win-win!

Handy Idea to Reuse Those Water Bottles:
When the temperature quickly drops with the change in season, use an old water jug to create a tiny greenhouse over any new vegetable seedlings you just planted.  Just cut off the base, and use the jug for a protective cover.  Easy-peasy!

Pick-up a Pumpkin or Squash:
Even if you can’t go apple, squash or veggie picking in your own yard, autumn is a great time to go out to local (sustainable) farm and fill up your reusable bag or basket with the fall harvest!  Good eats, plus you’re supporting local small business OR  think eco-friendly decorations for the season ahead.

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