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4 Steps to Winning the Bid

Feb 02, 2022
Feeling Frustrated😠? Think you will never be able to win a bidding war in this crazy market? Are you losing out in multiple offers (often referred to as Bidding Wars)? The Rioux Baker Real Estate Team shares our top 4 steps for WINNING THE BID! 🏡
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Secrets of a Collingwood Home Stager

Nov 19, 2019
One of the most popular and successful home stagers in the Collingwood, Blue Mountain area is Suze McCart.  Suze has staged 100’s of properties in the area since 2013 and has a very successful track record in doing so.  I thought it might be fun to a ...
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Some Houses May Be TOO Nice

Aug 22, 2018
The other day, I was showing some really gorgeous homes in Collingwood and Blue Mountain the $1.5 million to $3 million dollar range and it hit me – birds of a feather really do flock together.  Except when they don’t. The most stunning home I showed ...
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How Many Square Feet Is It Really?

Jun 28, 2016
The media has been making a big news story out of the case out west of a woman who claims that misrepresented square footage on a listing when she bought has cost her thousands of dollars. Now of course, I have my own opinions on this as you can gues ...
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How to Clean Dirty Window Tracks

Mar 29, 2016
My buyer clients know that in addition to my magical smelling powers, I also have an eagle eye for clues that tell us a lot about a home. One of my favourites is grimy and moldy window tracks. Ick. Sometimes, this is merely an indication of inadequat ...
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Ever Wish You Could See Behind Walls?

Nov 23, 2015
I recently attended a home inspection conducted by Steve Lawson of Pillar To Post in which he used thermography. It was fascinating! Have a look at the pictures to see what he discovered. While no home inspector can see what is behind a wall or ceili ...
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Insider’s Tip: Where to Watch Lightening in Collingwood

Sep 11, 2014
No, not at a council meeting although it can be stormy at times too. With the cold and rainy week we just had, it made me think of what my hubby and son do when there is a thunderstorm with lightening. While I race to hide under the covers, they rush ...
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Why do We ask Buyers About Themselves Before Arranging A Showing?

Mar 25, 2014
As REALTORS®, we are often asked, “when you call up a real estate salesperson or Broker to book a showing at a listing, why are you asked some questions about motivation, ownership, timing and name and address?  The answer is simple:  we need t ...
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Moving Checklist

Nov 21, 2013
GUEST POST by Chris McCormick Once a sale is firm, one of the ways we like to assist our clients is by sending them our handy ‘Moving Checklist.’  Essentially, this is a list of items that will need to be done between the time the house s ...
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One of Grey County’s Best Kept Secrets: Hogg’s Falls

Nov 07, 2013
At any time of year, Hogg’s Falls is a beautiful and wild little paradise.  Situated amid a forest preserve, here the Boyne River tips over the edge of the escarpment at the southern edge of the Beaver Valley. While Hogg’s Falls is not nearly the lar ...
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Deodorize Your Home With Coffee

May 23, 2013
It is not uncommon that we need to deal with odours when selling a home.  Sometimes the smells come from smoke or pets, other times it is something rotting in a fridge, under a bed or simply stale air.  There is a pretty easy fix you might never have ...
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Collingwood Living Is The Life For Me… and You?

Apr 22, 2013
Someone once said to me that everything she knew about the South Georgian Bay area, she knew from my blog.  Actually, I’ve had a number of people say that which gives me a little Dopamine thrill every time.  People also say that they seek to validate ...
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