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Here’s What Excites Real Estate Investors About Collingwood

Feb 12, 2020
Here’s What Excites Real Estate Investors About Collingwood   The perfect storm for any real estate investor is supply and demand. Investors look for areas with population growth and low real estate vacancy rates which is exactly the combination ...
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Collingwood Investors: Create a Secondary Suite with County Funding

Nov 07, 2019
We have many investors in our market places who are always seeking ways to invest in the Collingwood area for the long term. Many consider a duplex or homes with income suites to be ideal however, the availability of such homes for sale is limited. H ...
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So You Want To Buy An Investment Property in Blue Mountain or Collingwood

Aug 20, 2019
An overview of what you need to know before buying an investment property in Collingwood or Blue Mountain
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Operating an Airbnb in Collingwood

Jul 31, 2019
Confused about Airbnb rules in Collingwood? You are not alone. This post explains.
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5-Star Airbnb Rental Management in Collingwood, Blue Mountain and Area

Mar 27, 2019
Some guests recently checked into their local Airbnb suite to celebrate a friends 40th birthday.  Much to their surprise, their hosts had cupcakes and balloons waiting for them.  How is that for exemplary customer service? Some days, it feels like ev ...
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Part 3: Will Collingwood Get Some New Units That Allow Airbnb Uses?

Feb 18, 2019
In this post, we look at a development proposal in Collingwood that would allow short term rentals.
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Are rents set to rise even more?

Jan 16, 2019
It’s good news for investors and bad news for tenants as rents may well rise further in 2019. Rental rates, like anything else, are a function of supply and demand.  Many people who may otherwise have planned on buying a home, have been shut out of t ...
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A New Way for Landlord to Collect Rents

Nov 22, 2018
There’s an interesting new service for landlords and tenants that offers an online payment platform for monthly rent payments. This may be of particular interest to the many landlords in our Collingwood and Blue Mountain region; especially if they li ...
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Airbnb Not Permitted in Collingwood

Nov 07, 2018
No matter how often I post about this topic, people insist I must be wrong.  While so many communities in Ontario allow rentals of any duration, Collingwood does not.  They are not permitted in ANY residential zone.  That is a hard line and no bylaws ...
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Ontario 2019 Rent Increase Set at 1.8%

Jul 26, 2018
In early July, the Ontario government announced that residential rent increases for 2019 will be capped to a maximum of 1.8%. This rate does not apply to vacant units, nursing homes, commercial properties or social housing units but does over all oth ...
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Tenant and Landlord Rights When a Home Is Listed For Sale

Jun 13, 2018
An owner has a right to sell their property at any time but it is always a good idea to ensure that the tenants and owners understand their responsibilities and rights. The three most common areas where we see difficulties often lie in the rules arou ...
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Buying a Resort Condo At Ontario’s Blue Mountain Village Merits Your Consideration

Apr 13, 2018
With humble beginnings that started in 1941, the Blue Mountain Resort area has expanded to become one of Canada’s premiere 4-seasons resort destinations. Nestled at the base of the Niagara Escarpment, the area today attracts more than two million vis ...
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