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Planners’ Series 2019 – Meaford

Dec 12, 2019
Planners' Series 2019 - Meaford. A great and informative event for our real estate community each year is the annual Planner’s Seminars for Collingwood, The Blue Mountains, Clearview, Wasaga Beach and Meaford. 
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Blue Ice Phenomenon in Meaford

Mar 18, 2018
For the first time anyone can recall, an interesting phenomenon occurred in Meaford this month and it really is something special to see. Over the course of a couple of days, the ice, broken off from the eastern shoreline of Lake Huron, just kept com ...
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Gio and Fran Are Not Local Butchers

Aug 08, 2017
You know how Toronto or other big cities have a certain hip feel and vibe?  I don’t really know how to define it other than to say there is a cool factor that is always interesting, sometimes a bit uncomfortable and usually progressive. It̵ ...
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Good News Story: Renew Meaford and The Hub

Jul 26, 2017
Rather than being content with empty storefronts, the Town of Meaford has an innovative program designed to assist new businesses and building owners in the downtown core. Renew Meaford is a not-for-profit corporation that helps businesses get into d ...
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Planners Series 2016 – Municipality of Meaford

Feb 22, 2017
Each year, local planners meet with the Membership of our SOUTHERN GEORGIAN BAY ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® to review the past year and tell us about upcoming news for each municipality. For your reading pleasure, below is a summary of the planning pres ...
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Niagara Escarpment (NEC) Wants to Expand It’s Jurisdiction

Mar 01, 2016
Love them or hate them, the Niagara Escarpment Commission is a regulatory agency that adds a layer of control over planning in our area. This 18 member body falls under the jurisdiction of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and has the ability ...
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Beautiful Joe: another reason to love MEAFORD

Aug 26, 2015
Meaford is one of the gems of our Southern Georgian Bay area, with it’s beautiful waterfront and friendly main street.  Another claim to fame is Beautiful Joe, a famous dog who lived in Meaford in the late 19th century. Joe was an abused dog, w ...
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A Very Significant Development Proposal Could Alter Downtown Meaford

Feb 18, 2015
A significant development application in the Town of Meaford could change the face of the downtown core and potentially bring needed revitalization to the area. The proposal calls for tearing down existing older buildings and redeveloping the site on ...
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Town of Meaford Planning Update: Is This A Town to Watch?

Feb 06, 2015
In December, we attended the annual panel of Planners session which is an opportunity for us to interact with municipal staff and planners about local planning initiatives and developments. Today we present the information provided by Liz Buckton, Se ...
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The Most Popular Restaurant in Meaford

May 20, 2013
It’s always amazed me that a little restaurant in Meaford could have a line-up every night of the week. But it’s true and, it is called the Leeky Canoe. Some time ago, the Meaford Express ran a fairly substantial article about the restaurant but it d ...
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The Meaford Market

Nov 28, 2011
I love any excuse to head over to the Meaford area because there are so many great places to visit. There is the Factory Outlet, there’s Grandma Lambs and the Coffin Ridge Winery is nearby.  One of my favourite places is EcoInhabit located in an old ...
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Yes, There Really Is A Grandma Lambe

Sep 15, 2011
I wish there were a way to post an aroma onto a blog. Since I can’t, you’ll just have to make a point of dropping in to Grandma Lambe’s yourself to see, or should I say SMELL what I mean. This quaint market is located on Highway 26 just east of Meafo ...
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