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Make Sure It Is Not A Lemon: Hire an Inspector For The Pre-Delivery Inspection of Your New Home

Jun 19, 2019
If you have purchased a newly constructed home, it should be covered under Ontario’s TARION Home Warranty program. There is lots to learn about that but for today, let’s talk about the Pre-Delivery Inspection or, PDI for short. Under the program, bui ...
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Buyer Beware When Buying Pre-Construction

May 22, 2019
A number of people have called lately wanting to “assign” their agreements of purchase and sale for properties they purchased through builders, pre-construction, during the real estate frenzy in 2015-2017.  It seems these people bought with the expec ...
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New Development Series | Collingwood to Craigleith, Blue Mountains

Apr 24, 2019
Collingwood is one of the fastest growing communities in Canada. In 2017, the Province identified our area as a growth node and the Simcoe County official plan states that we must achieve a target population of 33,400 by 2031 and have a density of 50 ...
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Highway 26 developments from Collingwood to Craigleith: Development Series Part 8

Apr 09, 2019
Along Highway 26 from Collingwood to Craigleith over 2600 new dwelling units are in some stage of development and/or discussion.
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Craigleith Ridge by Parkbridge: Development Series Part 7

Mar 26, 2019
Craigleith Ridge by Parkbridge is developing a new community of approximately 200 units on 65 acres.
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Aqua Village in Craigleith: Development Series Part 6

Mar 20, 2019
Aqua Village, Craigleith proposal calls for 340 units, shops, restaurants and potentially rental apartments as well. 
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Development Part 5: 900 More Homes on the Way Up to Blue Mountain

Mar 12, 2019
Panorama North is a proposal for a 929 dwelling unit plan of subdivision on 50 acres on the north side of Mountain Road and the Tenth Line.
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Part 4: This Plan in Collingwood Wants Approval for 655 New Homes

Feb 28, 2019
Bridgewater on Georgian Bay is propsing 655 units made up of 539 townhomes and 116 apartment units on Highway 26 backing onto Princeton Shores Boulevard in Collingwood.
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These Statistics About Growth in Collingwood Might Surprise You – Part 2

Feb 11, 2019
How many households do we have now in Collingwood?  The 2016 census stated 10,500 private dwellings and if all new planned units came to fruition, that would mean we would have 62% more households.
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New Collingwood Waterfront Development Planned: A Perfect World

Feb 07, 2018
Aside from the unusual name, and more on that later, have you heard about A Perfect World? Perhaps it should be called A Changing World. People just love Collingwood and they are moving here in big numbers but the minute they arrive, they want to pul ...
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The Regent: A Pipe Dream or An Inspired Success?

Dec 31, 2017
Let’s end the year with something new to look forward to.Is it possible for a company with no development experience, to build what could eventually become one of the most coveted developments in Collingwood?  My money says yes. Named after the ...
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