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Solve Three Challenges with This Home Renovation

Apr 05, 2018
We have three challenges in our under-supplied, high demand local real estate market here in Southern Georgian Bay: A lack of affordable housing A lack of rentals available A lack of ‘inventory” of homes to buy but LOTS of investors looking. There is ...
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Getting Ready to List Your Home – 4 Small Updates that Pay Off Big!

Jan 27, 2017
Keeping your home up to date and modern can seem like an expensive task, and tackling major renovations doesn’t always mean your home’s value will go up. However, there are some small updates and changes you can make to your home to keep it looking f ...
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2017 Home Design Trends

Jan 19, 2017
According to INMAN – one of the Real Estate Industry’s leading source of real estate information, the following are the home design trends of 2017 to watch for: KITCHENS: Traditional Kitchens, but with a twist: built-in bars, contrasting islands, col ...
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Your Home Insurance Will LIKELY Be Voided During a Home Renovation

Jan 20, 2016
Did you know that doing a home renovation can void your home insurance coverage? Many people don’t read the fine print in their policies but if you do, most will say that a policy is voided during a renovation unless the insurer is contacted. What if ...
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Six Ways To Lose Money Upgrading Your Home

May 16, 2013
One of the joys of home ownership is being able to do pretty much whatever you like to your home.  If you want to put in purple carpets and paint the walls with happy faces, go right ahead.  That is, if you know you will be in your home forever and a ...
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I Dream of This Castle

Apr 11, 2013
Every now and then, I get an itch to renovate a house. Lots of people in the Collingwood and Blue Mountain areas look for homes they can renovate and resell at a profit. It is hard to do this and make a profit although certainly not impossible.  I’ve ...
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New poll shows 7 out of 10 Ontarians support standardized home energy labelling

Aug 30, 2012
On August 23, 2012,  NAIMA Canada, the national association representing mineral wool insulation manufacturers, released a public opinion poll focused on home energy efficiency labelling in Ontario.  It was very kindly forwarded to me by our local En ...
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Housing Programs announced by Grey County

May 14, 2012
In April 2012, Grey County Housing announced 2 new Federal/Provincial programs which will benefit some local homeowners in Grey County. Both of these programs run for 3 years. Homeownership Program Designed to assist renters in purchasing their own h ...
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From Fixer Upper to Dream Home

Aug 25, 2011
There is a new show airing this fall on W Network that I can’t wait to see. For the real estate and renovation junkies out there, we already have Colin, Justin, Sara and Candace.  Now comes Sibling Rivalry, a new show featuring twin brother and siste ...
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Houses with Income Suites in Collingwood – Part 2

May 30, 2011
Read Part 1 here.   If, as mentioned in Part 1, a house had an accessory suite in existence during the Rae years (1994 to 1996), the suite MAY automatically have legal, non-confirming by-law status however, the onus is on the owner to prove it.  ...
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Houses with Income Suites in Collingwood

May 23, 2011
So you want to buy a house in Collingwood with a basement apartment that you can rent out.  The income will help pay the mortgage and carry costs.  Easy plan, right?  Not so fast. Recently, I attended an excellent seminar put on by Collingwood planni ...
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We’re Going Solar – Part 2

May 16, 2011
This is the second part of our journey to installing solar panels on our roof in Collingwood, Ontario.  Read part 1 here. After making the decision to proceed, we needed to hear back from OPA (Ontario Power Authority) to the application we had submit ...
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