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Tesla Supercharger in Collingwood, Ontario

Feb 04, 2021
New to Collingwood is the Tesla Supercharger located at 10 Keith Avenue, Collingwood ON in the Cranberry Mews Plaza. Just a short 10 minute drive away from Blue Mountain Ski Resort. You’re able to monitor charging and get notifications when you ...
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Collingwood Area Businesses: The Comings, Goings and Hidden Treasures

Jun 12, 2019
What drives this entrepreneurial spirit in Collingwood?  There are so many new and expanding businesses which may be due to a perfect trifecta of optimism, opportunity that comes with community growth and, the desire to live in a community that offer ...
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Cable Wake Park Proposed for Collingwood

May 15, 2019
I was doing a little surfing and found an interesting application for a new commercial project in Collingwood.  This one is for a wake park over the pond at Bygone Days farm on Sixth St. The proposal is to build a “world class Cable Wake Park facilit ...
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Collingwood Budget 2019

Mar 28, 2019
Highlights from the Town of Collingwood 2019 Budget
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Need to Unwind? Visit the Collingwood Labyrinth

Oct 17, 2018
Until Collingwood got it’s own labyrinth, I’ll admit I didn’t really know what they were.  Now I do and it’s become another one of my special places in town. Located in Harbourview Park near the Arboretum at the north end of Hickory Street, the Labyr ...
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Are you Bullish on the Bear Estate, Collingwood?

Oct 10, 2018
The Bear Estate, the popular waterfront venue for weddings and conferences at Living Water Resorts (formerly Cranberry Village) in Collingwood, is the subject of a bit of controversy these days, due in part to snapping turtles.  Yes, you read that co ...
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Collingwood Arboretum

Sep 12, 2018
[et_pb_section bb_built=”1″][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.9″] One of my favourite places in Collingwood is the Arboretum at the foot of Hickory Street, north of First Street al ...
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Collingwood’s New Indigenous Gathering Circle

Aug 26, 2018
September 7th will mark the opening of a special place in Collingwood.  As the first project of Collingwood’s new waterfront master plan, an Indigenous Gathering Circle has been built to celebrate the Indigenous heritage of the region and the country ...
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Collingwood Youth Centre

Feb 28, 2018
Some people think that South Georgian Bay is a mecca for retirees but they are missing the fact that there is a growing population of younger families and couples. I recently had the pleasure of touring the new Collingwood Youth Center on first St an ...
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Winter In Collingwood

Dec 11, 2017
We got about a foot of snow last night and it looks like a winter wonderland around Collingwood today.  Blue Mountain officially opens for the season tomorrow and that means ski season is underway. Potential property buyers often ask what the winter ...
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Collingwood Good Food Stroll

Oct 10, 2017
Good Food Stroll -Your walking guide to locally inspired, farm fresh cuisine. Collingwood is home to an incredible array of culinary talent and local, farm fresh and artisanal foods and beverages are at the heart of Collingwood’s extraordinary experi ...
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