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List Now, Thank Me Later!

Feb 07, 2022
Contrary to popular belief, the “spring market” in our area usually starts in mid-February! 🌷 Here are our top 5 reasons we feel Seller’s should consider listing now. 🏡 1. RECORD LOW INVENTORY 📉  – In the Western Region of Southern Georgian Bay we ha ...
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4 Steps to Winning the Bid

Feb 02, 2022
Feeling Frustrated😠? Think you will never be able to win a bidding war in this crazy market? Are you losing out in multiple offers (often referred to as Bidding Wars)? The Rioux Baker Real Estate Team shares our top 4 steps for WINNING THE BID! 🏡
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Here’s What Excites Real Estate Investors About Collingwood

Feb 12, 2020
Here’s What Excites Real Estate Investors About Collingwood   The perfect storm for any real estate investor is supply and demand. Investors look for areas with population growth and low real estate vacancy rates which is exactly the combination ...
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Operating an Airbnb in Collingwood

Jul 31, 2019
Confused about Airbnb rules in Collingwood? You are not alone. This post explains.
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Coming Soon: The Tallest Building in Downtown Collingwood

May 29, 2019
Monaco plans to start construction this summer on the six-storey building at the corner of Hume and Hurontario St in Collingwood’s downtown core.  In a recent news article, the developer said that applications and fees have been paid for p ...
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Part 3: Will Collingwood Get Some New Units That Allow Airbnb Uses?

Feb 18, 2019
In this post, we look at a development proposal in Collingwood that would allow short term rentals.
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Airbnb Not Permitted in Collingwood

Nov 07, 2018
No matter how often I post about this topic, people insist I must be wrong.  While so many communities in Ontario allow rentals of any duration, Collingwood does not.  They are not permitted in ANY residential zone.  That is a hard line and no bylaws ...
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Could you really buy this Collingwood property for $1.00?

Jul 11, 2018
We have a couple of properties in Collingwood with a long sordid history of stalled developments.  Strangely, both are former schools.  One property sits at the corner of Hurontario and Hume Streets in the entrance to the downtown core and now the si ...
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Secondary Suites – New Bylaw Passed

Apr 18, 2018
THIS JUST IN…SECONDARY SUITES in TOWN OF COLLINGWOOD A bylaw has been passed March 26, 2018, offering additional opportunities for allowing secondary suites in the town of Collingwood. The proposed zoning by-law amendment pertains to residential land ...
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Mar 08, 2018
If you’ve been wondering about new condo developments in Collingwood, this article is the best summation I’ve read of what is happening right now.  From seniors condos to high-end luxury units downtown, new development is full speed ahead ...
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Current Status: The Collingwood Shipyards

Feb 16, 2018
It’s not surprising that sales have been brisk in the Collingwood Shipyards development downtown.  With a strong market, low supply and high demand from buyers wanting to live in the area, this development has proven to be very popular in the last co ...
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New Collingwood Waterfront Development Planned: A Perfect World

Feb 07, 2018
Aside from the unusual name, and more on that later, have you heard about A Perfect World? Perhaps it should be called A Changing World. People just love Collingwood and they are moving here in big numbers but the minute they arrive, they want to pul ...
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